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Fleming Island Baptist Health Emergency Center

Fleming Island Baptist Health

Proposed Fleming Island Baptist Health Emergency Center - Click on photo for map location.

Fleming Island Baptist Health

Fleming Island commercial real estate progress has sort of been in a one step forward, one step backward mode with many businesses opening, closing and being replaced with a similar use.  Baptist Health has announced this week for a total of 106,000 SF of medical space.  It includes a 30,000 SF children’s specialty care center containing Wolfson Children’s Hospital extension, Nemours and UF – Jacksonville.  The children’s space will be on the first floor and the remaining two stories will have adult physician offices containing 50,000 SF.  There will also be a 26,000 SF emergency center for MRI, x-ray, CT, digital mammography, ultrasound and fluoroscopy.  It will be completed in spring 2013 with up to 60 new jobs with a construction cost of nearly $40,000,000.  Personally our children have utilized both Wolfson’s and Nemours downtown Jacksonville locations.  The Baptist Health facility will be located along Village Square Parkway, fronting US Highway 17 along its west side.  Having an early appointment is tough to make the nearly 1 hour drive to downtown Jacksonville from Fleming Island.  Fleming Island has become an important tax base and epicenter of Clay County.  These medical facilities are long overdue and will be well received by Eagle Harbor, Fleming Island Plantation and other nearby residents.

The new development by Baptist Health was announced this week on nearly a 33 acre site that was purchased in 2006 with original hopes of building a hospital.  Instead Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) decided for the hospital in favor of St. Vincents Health Care in the greater Oakleaf area along Branan Field (next to Walmart) near Blanding Boulevard in Clay County.  St. Vincents is constructing a 98-bed hospital that will be completed in the fall of 2013.

I originally spoke with Hugh Greene, President and Chief Executive Officer, Baptist Health in 2009 on the AHCA decision.  There was never an intention to sell the entitled land located within the Fleming Island Plantation DRI.  The original entitlements were for up to 250 in-patient bed facility (up to 123,500 SF) or 200,000 SF of office or other type of commercial use.

Impact for Fleming Island commercial real estate?

What will this mean for Fleming Island commercial real estate or residential real estate?  It’s not only the finished product that is beneficial, but the employment of local construction workers; the compensation of physicians and other medical staff; the synergy for ancillary businesses in the Fleming Island area and the potential for Baptist Health employees moving to Fleming Island.

Fleming Island Hospital

Fleming Island Baptist Emergency Center Today

Fleming Island Baptis Health

Herons on Baptist Health Land







From the comments section, Melissa lives in nearby Chatham Village neighborhood of Fleming Island Plantation.  A large flock of herons congregate along the shoreline of the Baptist Health Fleming Island land. This picture is the view from Chatham Village looking across the pond to Baptist Health.

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  1. Melissa Louckes says:

    We live in the Chatham Village subdivision, and our home faces the lagoon just across from where the hospital will be built. Up to 150 or so herons overnight in the trees at the edge of the property where the hospital will be built, right on the water. Will these trees near the water stay so these birds won’t be disturbed?

    Thank you.
    Melissa Louckes

    • I bet that’s a beautiful sight, I hope so. You should inquire with Fleming Island Plantation CDD Board. That would be a great start. Would like to hear what transpires. If you take a photo, email it to me and I’ll post here.

      • Melissa Louckes says:

        Hi – I have a photo to send you but your email came through with do not reply. Please send me your email so I can send it to you.

        Melissa Louckes

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