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Florida Property Tax Appeal

Florida Property Tax AppealWe specialize in Florida property tax appeals for commercial real estate.  Our mission for Florida property tax appeal area of our business is to provide tax relief for Floridians who are experiencing high real property tax costs.  We will provide a no cost property assessment evaluation review and quickly determine if you can save money on your Florida property tax appeal.  A commercial appraisal will be completed along with filling out the proper forms from the property appraiser office to appeal your real estate taxes.

A commercial appraisal is a critical tool for tax appeal proceedings.  It is conducted by a state certified and MAI designated commercial real estate appraiser and results in what the true market value is of the commercial property.

In addition, we will:

  • complete Florida property tax appeal forms
  • communicate with Florida property tax appeal officials and property owner or representative
  • negotiate and represent property owner at Florida property tax appeal hearing

Contact us for your deadlines.  Typically the annual notice of property assessments will go out early to mid-August and is often referred to as TRIM.  The acronym ‘TRIM’ stands for ‘Truth in Millage’.   You can appeal your property assessment, but typically this deadline is within a month of the TRIM notice.  Unfortunately you don’t have much time.  Don’t delay, let us review your commercial real estate assessment.

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Florida Property Tax Appeal